For Mandrake 10.x users

Discussion of my XMLTV Radio Times grabber
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For Mandrake 10.x users

Post by Adrian »

In order to get xmlrtvt working on Mandrake 10 you will have to copy some files in to /lib. If you don't you will get a error:

./xmltvrt: relocation error: ./xmltvrt: undefined symbol: initPAnsiStrings

I found the solution in ... nsiStrings . Quoting AZL from this forum (credit where its due):
"I realise this thread is quite old, but this hasn't solved the problem on mandrake 10.1. Still gives me the same message, I can't run from the IDE either - tho, console apps work fine. Everything ran fine on mandrake9 so i'm guessing i'm missing or have a version of something which is too high for kylix to understand. Anybody have any ideas ?

nm, I have found a solution. For others in a similar boat, hit this:

extract to /lib . That was all i had to do to get it working again :)"

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Post by alanbirtles »

putting the files from kylixrt.gz which is available from my page into the program directory should also work, my program uses a modified libc.pas from crosskylix which means the libraries can be put in the program directory and dont have to be put in /lib
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