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Source Errors

Post by ShootingStar »

I've tried opening up the source for XMLTV in Delphi, but there are loads of errors. I'm not a delphi programmer (yet! - i'm learning) so I'm not sure what the errors mean. I am a developer in VB6,, C#, PHP, Java etc so I do understand some stuff.

Let me list the errors that are presented for UMain.pas:

Cannot resolve unit name for 'pngimage' at line 10 (10:18)
Cannot resolve unit name for 'StringUtils' at line 17 (17:23)
Cannot resolve unit name for 'linklists' at line 18 (18:13)
Cannot resolve unit name for 'update' at line 19 (19:27)
Cannot resolve unit name for 'ABUtils' at line 19 (19:52)
Undeclared identifier 'checkupdates' at line 245 (245:1)

Maybe I just don't know how to load up delphi projects correctly and files are missing from its scope. I am using Delphi 2005 Architech (trial). I loaded the xmltvrt.dpr project file.

These errors obviously mean I can't build and debug, which I am keen to do as I would like to see how the software works.

As above

Post by ShootingStar »

Maybe I'm using the wrong version of Delphi - what version did you write XMLTV with. When I first load the dpr file Delphi prompts me to convert the project so I'm guessing the files were written in an older edition.
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Post by alanbirtles »

it is written in delphi 7, i don't have the source here but as far as i can remember pngimage is from a sourceforge package (see link in the about box). the other units are all units that i have written but that are not part of the xmltv project and i think are installed under the source\extrafiles directory and that directory will need to be added to either delphi's library path or the project's search path (or just copy all of the files into the main directory), let me know if i can help any further
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