XMLTV GUI : XMLTV Radio Times 3.03.00 released

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XMLTV GUI : XMLTV Radio Times 3.03.00 released

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XMLTV Radio Times version 3.03.00 has just been released.
Windows Version:
Linux Version:
http://www.birtles.org.uk/xmltv/xmltvgu ... 00L.tar.gz
The changes are:
-Fixed Radio Times subtitles type
-UK_RT_ALT_XMLTV now generates IDs of "[id].rt.com" for unknown channels
-Rearranged some menus
-IL_AZ grabber can now download more details
-Fixed Ignore TBA setting on UK_RT grabber
-Fixed third status label in console application showing text from second label
-Added channel name colon replacer script
-Fixed access violation when XML file cannot be created
-Added File and Directory setting types for scripts
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