XMLTV GUI : XMLTV Radio Times 2.20 released

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XMLTV GUI : XMLTV Radio Times 2.20 released

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XMLTV Radio Times version 2.20 has just been released.
Windows Version:
Linux Version:
The changes are:
-Grabbing stops after a conneciton error
-Grabber returns 0 if the grab suceeds, 1 if the program was already running (GUI only), 2 if the grab fails
-Emails are now sent from 'xmltvrt@birtles.org.uk' rather than the recipient address to allow emails to be sent to hotmail accounts
-Fix to connection retry parameters not being displayed correctly in the config screen
-Added option to the ini file to specify the output encoding, note this only effects the encoding written to the XML header not the actual encoding of the file
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