Hi and XMLTV for MCE

Discussion of Version 3 and developing lua grabbers
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Hi and XMLTV for MCE

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Hi from Sunny Melbourne Australia! :D

Just thought i'd introduce myself for those who don't know me. I'm here to investigate the possibility of integrating the Radio Times Grabber GUI with XP MCE since Microsoft seems unable to negotiate any kind of agreements to allow a native EPG for Australia.

Alan, At this point in time I'm trying to raise some interest among the members of the Australian MCE community with programming and MCE EPG experience. If that fails I will look at learning the LUA coding myself. In the meanwhile I will keep you up to date with my thinking. For the record I'm looking for the following functionality:

Easily configurable grabber which can adapt to changes in guide site configuration without huge effort and which can be automated using windows scheduler to produce an xmltv format file from a user selected site or sites.

Allow duplication and user configurable aliasing of channel names to support SD and HD identical broadcasts.

Cached data to avoid double grabbing.

post-processing to allow calling the MCE import tool (existing 3rd party executable)

That's what comes to mind for now but there may be more.
Cheers for Now

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Post by alanbirtles »

v3 can or will be able to do most of the above
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