Girder Media Player Plugin

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Media player plugin for Girder. Requires creative playcenter to create a media database (although a basic editor is included).


Creative Playcenter Media Player Plugin V2.15.2 for Girder 4+, source + fmod.dll
Creative Playcenter Media Player Plugin V2.7 for Girder 3+, source + fmod.dll

Version History:

Version 2.15.2 Download (561KB) (30/09/2005)
-Play File callback enabled
-Changed to using Girder logging for errors

Version 2.15.1 Download (561KB) (27/09/2005)
-Changed path to osd.lua in ctosd.lua

Version 2.15 Download (569KB) (24/09/2005)
-Added lua function to play a file
-Added lua functions to set the output pan

Version 2.14 Download (570KB) (08/09/2005)
-Fixed bug causing mutliple settings windows to be shown
-Changed lua manual to match girder formatting
-Fixed selecting previous doing next
-Changed DUI to Girder 4 Beta 8
-Added lua function to set the output device

Version 2.13 Download (567KB) (24/07/2005)
-Integrated LUA volume osd
-Fixed database location and m3u directory not being saved
-Fixed statup errors causing plugin not to initialise properly
-Reduced DLL size
-Fixed Girder crashes when using multiple plugin osds
-Silence skipping is now disabled when output volume is set to 0
-Added additional lua functions and updated LUA documentation
-Track osd position is now saved
-Fixed menu up command performing menu down action
-Fixed random not being disabled when skipping to an album

Version 2.12 Download (608KB) (08/07/2005)
-Girder OSD now used for main OSD
-Config screen completely integrated into Girder
-Original config screen removed

Version 2.11 Download (653KB) (06/07/2005)
-M3U and PLS playlist support
-Menu now uses Girder's OSD
-Further integration of config screen into Girder

Version 2.10 Download (651KB) (04/06/2005)
-Removed dependancy on wingdings 3 font
-Silence detection and skipping
-Partial integration of config screen into Girder
-Added Lua OSD example GML

Version 2.9 Download (638KB) (21/04/2005)
-Settings are saved when the setup screen is closed not just when girder is closed
-Fixed colour of clock's date not matching clock colour
-Variable volume changes
-Variable fast forward and rewind amount
-Option to reload current track
-Fastforward and Rewind fixed
-Fixed error when clicking on menu title
-Menu can be navigated by entering numbers
-Menu size configurable
-Lua scripting (see CTMedia Lua.html in the manual directory)

Version 2.8 Download (631KB) (28/01/2005)
-Changed to Girder 4, V2.8 and above are available for Girder 4 alpha testers only

Version 2.7 Download (629KB) (26/11/2004)
-Fixed bug which prevents windows from shutting down
-Added option to format the track title
-Option to set the output volume

Version 2.6 Download (615KB) (26/07/2004)
-Lots, i can't remember
-Fixed windows shutdown bug
-Made automatic installer

Girder Utilities

Program to change girder to high priority, password for the archive is "1234567890"
Program to change girder to high priority delphi source
Run with a parameter to set the priority of girder,
2:High (default)
3:Realtime (not a good idea)