Any Chance of Adding the Radio Channels ?

Discussion of my XMLTV Radio Times grabber
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Any Chance of Adding the Radio Channels ?

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Love the tool, works everytime, quick and nice and easy to configure.

Is there any way to add the radio channels ?

I had a quick go at adding some BBC Radio channels, by adding the corresponding channel numbers to the channel.txt file.

The config tool picked them up ok, but the import failed saying they were not found.

Any way of adding the radio channels in ? There listed on the radiotimes web site so the informations there, just a matter of getting it to download.
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Post by alanbirtles »

sorry the inofrmation is not available and is not likely to be added unless the service becomes a paid for service, however you can use to download the radio channels and then use my program to download the tv channels and combine them with the xml stitch tool, this can be automated using dguk from

Any Chance of Adding the Radio Channels ?

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The radio is now available see

so is there any chance please of you adding them?

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