Sudoku Puzzle Solver

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What is Sudoku

Sudoku is a simple number puzzle. In the US it is also known as "Number Place". It is also known as Su Doku and often incorrectly spelt as Sodoku. The puzzle consists of a 3 by 3 square of squares each containing 9 numbers:

The object is to fill the square with the numbers 1-9. Each 3*3 square can only contain one of each number. Each full row and column can also only contain one of each number. Sudoku used to be a strictly pen and paper game. It's only recently that developers have started porting the game to various platforms such as consoles, online-based, and mobile phones.

How To use Sudoku Solver

Checking your solution

To check your solution to a puzzle simply enter the numbers in the squares and click "Check", a message will be displayed informing you whether your solution is correct or incorrect.

Finding a solution

To find a solution simply click "Solve". To see how the puzzle is being solved move the slider next to solve to the left to slow down the solving process. To solve a puzzle with set starting values simply ente them before clicking solve. To fnd an alternative solution click solve again and the program will attempt to find another solution.

Counting the number of possible solutions

To count the number of possible solutions click "Count Sols.", the program will then start counting the solutions. To stop counting click the same button again.

Generating Puzzles

To generate a puzzle to solve simply select the number of blank squares you would like in the puzzle and click "Generate Puzzle" after a short pause your puzzle will be displayed. Over 2.5 trillion puzzles can be generated!!

Printing puzzles

To print a puzzle so you can fill it in at your leisure simply goto File, Print and select the number of copies you would like. Press OK and your puzzle will be printed.

NEW! Saving/Loading Puzzles

To save or load a puzzle simply goto the file menu and click "Load" or "Save".