XMLTV Radio Times Grabber Version History

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Version 3

Version 3.14.01 W (941KB) L (1129KB) (09/07/2011)
-Fixed uk_rt crashing if cache is tuned off and a channel is empty
-Limited data to today onwards when max days is specified
-Fixed xml escaping for uk_rt
-Fixed schedules direct not downloading the channel list if a station is in map but not station list

Version 3.14.00 W (945KB) L (1131KB) (15/11/2010)
-Added HD tag parsing to digiguide grabber
-Any failing grabbers will now stop the grab process completely
-Made Radio Times grabber stop grabbing if too few channels download correctly
-Made Radio Times grabber not cache empty files

Version 3.13.01 W (944KB) L (1261KB) (26/08/2010)
-Fixed bug with schedules direct authentication
-Fixed bug in digiguide grabber and added missing library to windows setup

Version 3.13.00 W (943KB) L (1110KB) (08/08/2010)
-Fixed Radio Times episode/subtitle parsing
-Added option to progdets to add a program's subtitle to its description
-Various digiguide fixes
-Fix to bleb

Version 3.12.00 W (956KB) L (1107KB) (09/10/2009)
-New improved bleb grabber with channel list updating
-Disabled caching in schedules direct grabber
-Updated freeview limiter to limit Virgin 1 + 1 not Virgin 1
-Added Dave Ja Vu and Virgin 1 + 1 to +1 generator script

Version 3.11.01 W (940KB) L (1107KB) (08/02/2009)
-Fixed handling of changes to Radio Times data
-Fixed error in BBC World timezone corrector script

Version 3.11.00 W (941KB) L (1107KB) (19/12/2008)
-Fixed bug in time fixer
-Added Virgin 1 to Radio Times freeview limit script
-Made grabber not write xml if no programs have been downloaded
-Added BBC World timezone corrector script
-Fixed handling of digiguide channels with no ids
-Added more details from misc field in digiguide grabber

Version 3.10.02 W (935KB) L (1106KB) (07/06/2008)
-Fixed xml file parsing bug introduced in 3.10.01
-Made digiguide grabber download smaller chunks of data
-Improved program details processors handling of episode numbers

Version 3.10.01 W (937KB) L (1106KB) (05/06/2008)
-Added missing digiguide fields

Version 3.10.00 W (937KB) L (1105KB) (01/06/2008)
-Fixed missing length field in Radio Times data
-Added digiguide grabber (see wiki for instructions)

Version 3.09.04 W (933KB) L (1104KB) (21/04/2008)
-Improved xml validation
-Made ONTV cache optional

Version 3.09.03 W (932KB) L (1102KB) (31/01/2008)
-Changed handling of Radio Times character encoding

Version 3.09.02 W (937KB) L (1102KB) (13/12/2007)
-Fixed bug in uk_rt xml character handling

Version 3.09.01 W (937KB) (08/10/2007)
-Fixed setup file to include new grabbers

Version 3.09.00 W (933KB) L (1102KB) (08/10/2007)
-Added Schedules Direct Grabber
-Fixed bug in xmltv_import
-Added ONTV grabber
-Disabled channels button for grabbers without selectable channels
-Fixed bug causing pass start and stop return values to not be checked

Version 3.08.02 W (933KB) L (1097KB) (19/08/2007)
-Fixed sorting bug

Version 3.08.01 W (930KB) L (1098KB) (13/08/2007)
-Fixed stack overflow bug

Version 3.08.00 W (931KB) L (1098KB) (12/08/2007)
-Added favourites script
-Fixed bug with timezones
-Fixed channel sorting
-Fixed bug in xmltv import
-Extra channels for +1 generator script

Version 3.07.00 W (932KB) L (1097KB) (05/12/2006)
-Invalid characters in Radio Times data should now be handled properly
-Improved sorting performance

Version 3.06.00 W (935KB) L (1099KB) (29/09/2006)
-Added option to program details processor to add "(R)" to the title of programs which are repeats
-Added command line option (/p) to set the priority that the grabber runs at
-Fixed handling of nulls in Radio Times data causing errors
-Fixed Linux error "PasswordChar not found" on startup
-Fixed error in Zap2It script which caused it to fail to parse on Linux

Version 3.05.01 W (934KB) L (1098KB) (20/06/2006)
-Fixed Radio Times episode name/number handling

Version 3.05.00 W (928KB) L (1096KB) (17/05/2006)
-Added Zap2it Listings
-Improved Lua variable inspector
-Added Digest and NTLM(windows only) authentication to HTTP and proxy

Version 3.04.00 W (924KB) L (1085KB) (24/04/2006)
-Added XMLTV import script
-Added UK_RT alternate categories script
-Fixed about box images

Version 3.03.00 W (847KB) L (1058KB) (10/03/2006)
-Fixed Radio Times subtitles type
-UK_RT_ALT_XMLTV now generates IDs of "[id]" for unknown channels
-Rearranged some menus
-IL_AZ grabber can now download more details
-Fixed Ignore TBA setting on UK_RT grabber
-Fixed third status label in console application showing text from second label
-Added channel name colon replacer script
-Fixed access violation when XML file cannot be created
-Added File and Directory setting types for scripts

Version 3.02.01 W (857KB) L (1044KB) (05/02/2006)
-Removed "Ignore TBA" setting from IL_AZ grabber
-Added alt_text script to installer
-Changed help links to point to new wiki system
-Fixed error writing star ratings to the XML

Version 3.02.00 W (843KB) L (1044KB) (20/01/2006)
-Proper channel names for il_az grabber
-More +1 channels generated (More4 +1 now available from RT)
-Updated freeview limit to cope with limiting channels over more time ranges
-Fix to timezones.lua causing errors on dates in feburary
-Fixed bug causing UK_RT grabber to loose episode titles

Version 3.01.00 W (844KB) L (1044KB) (16/12/2005)
-Added More4+1 generator script

Version 3.00.01 W (840KB) L (1043KB) (14/12/2005)
-Fixed post processors acting on all grabbers

Version 3.0 W (838KB) L (1042KB) (02/12/2005)
-Lua scripting support added
-UK grabber added
-Basic Israel Grabber
-Selectable output timezone
-Selectable character encoding
-Download caching
-Script to limit freeview channels to their actual broadcast times

Version 2

Version 2.20 W (576KB) L (720KB) (07/09/2005)
-Grabbing stops after a conneciton error
-Grabber returns 0 if the grab suceeds, 1 if the program was already running (GUI only), 2 if the grab fails
-Emails are now sent from '' rather than the recipient address to allow emails to be sent to hotmail accounts
-Fix to connection retry parameters not being displayed correctly in the config screen
-Added option to the ini file to specify the output encoding, note this only effects the encoding written to the XML header not the actual encoding of the file

Version 2.19 W (575KB) L (720KB) (17/07/2005)
-Added option to specify the number of days of listings to save. Add the command line switch '/d' followed by the number of days, e.g:"xmltvrt.exe /Grab /D5" will grab 5 days of listings

Version 2.18.1 W (575KB) L (720KB) (15/06/2005)
-Fixed bug with command line options introduced in 2.18

Version 2.18 W (575KB) L (720KB) (07/06/2005)
-Added link to mailing list to update dialog
-Added option to specify a configuration directory

Version 2.17 W (573KB) L (719KB) (04/05/2005)
-Reduced size of log display in console apps. to fit 80*25 character consoles
-Added linux graphical console
-Better handling of unknown characters
-Added option not to save "To be Announced" programs

Version 2.16 W (569KB) L (714KB) (04/04/2005)
-Added console only executables, will run in Linux without the X server started (must be configured using the GUI)
-Fixed bug causing the first character of actor's names to be missed
-Fixed problems with the main progress bar
-Emails are only sent after an automatic grab
-Fixed problems with cast lists containing single actors

Version 2.15 L (523KB) (02/04/2005)
-Linux update only
-Made links in about box and update screen work
-Included shell scripts for running program
-Generates shell scripts when run (see readme for deatils)
-Added XPM icon file

Version 2.14 W (511KB) L (492KB) (16/03/2005)
-Changed Radio Times logo in the about box to new orange logo
-Attempts to split lists of names into individual actors

Version 2.13.2 W (502KB) L (493KB) (14/02/2005)
-Programs with no title have their titles set to "No Title"

Version 2.13.1 W (503KB) L (412KB) (07/01/2005)
-Fixed some HUGE memory leaks
-Fixed blank channel IDs after regenerating channels

Version 2.13 W (501KB) L (411KB) (17/12/2004)
-Added option to add "Movie:" to the title of films for sage compatability

Version 2.12 W (502KB) L (411KB) (13/12/2004)
-Added option to convert radiotimes categories into categories for other programs such as sage, edit "altcats.txt" to add categories to be converted

Version 2.11 W (501KB) L (414KB) (13/12/2004)
-Added ability to add channels not provided by radio times, these channels will be filled with empty programs with the name of the channel as their title. To add a channel open "channels.txt" and add a channel with an id less than -1. Then open "xmltvrt.ini" and find a value called "Duration for null programs" in the "XML" section and set it to the number of minutes you want each program to last

Version 2.10.2 W (500KB) L (27KB) (12/12/2004)
-Should fix bug causing blank channel ids in the XML

Version 2.10.1 W (500KB) L (410KB) (03/12/2004)
-Handles error caused by invalid cast list on "The Return" on ITV3

Version 2.10 W (500KB) L (410KB) (09/11/2004)
-Measures the number of days downloaded
-Ability to change the ID outputted to the XML for the channels (see for details)

Version 2.9.2 W (499KB) L (409KB) (28/10/2004)
-Outputs +0000 for GMT times
-Option to generate showshifter batch files removed (no longer nescesarry)

Version 2.9.1 W (499KB) L (410KB) (21/10/2004)
-Full handling of the changeover from BST to GMT (handles the change better than the RT website)
-Command line options are no longer case sensitive
-When a silent grab fails the main screen is now shown

Version 2.9 W (499KB) L (402KB) (15/10/2004)
-Text on configure screen fixed for Linux version
-More special characters are now handled (notably "#139") which would cause some xml importers to fail
-Added option to add year of production to the program title

Version 2.8.1 W (499KB) (11/10/2004)
-Links in program now work again (e.g. in about box)

Version 2.8 W (499KB) L (409KB) (08/10/2004)
-Added linux port
-New xml writer, smaller executable and faster writing (was using a slow windows DOM writer)
-Option to add year of production to program description

Version 2.7 W (561KB) (06/10/2004)
-Option to sort order of programs in output
-Tidied up the config screen
-Smoothed the update of the main progress bar (now updates as files are downloading and so should give an accurate idea of overall progress
-Better HTTP error handling
--handles 401, 403 and 50x and produces more informative error messages
--handles empty responses from Radio Times and continues processing rather than producing a terminal error

Version 2.6 W (558KB) (03/10/2004)
-Strips tags from genres
-Spangly new logo and icon (icon is for windows XP only)
-Option to add a film's star rating to its title

Version 2.5.2 W (535KB) (26/09/2004)
-Improved xml output

Version 2.5.1 W (534KB) (26/09/2004)
-Reduced config screen size

Version 2.5 W (529KB) (26/09/2004)
-Proxy support added

Version 2.4.3 W (528KB) (26/09/2004)
-Stitch bug fixes

Version 2.4.2 W (528KB) (26/09/2004)
-Added silent stitch program

Version 2.4.1 W (528KB) (26/09/2004)
-Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.4 W (505KB) (24/09/2004)
-Option to email the log after an automatic grab

Version 2.3 W (483KB) (23/09/2004)
-Option to download listings without showing the grabber screen (run "xmltvrt.exe /Grab /Silent")
-Option to add "Film:" to the title of a film
-Option to add the episode number to the program subtitle
-Option to select whether times are saved with seconds or not
-Option to mark all programs that aren't repeats as "premieres"
-Fixed bug with episode numbers being carried over to the next program
-Customisable cast list formatting
-Source code tidied up and properly commented
-Option to replace colons in channel names (channels must be regenerated for this to take effect)

Version 2.2.2 W (501KB) (22/09/2004)
-Fixed compatibility with XMLTV XML tools (they should no longer produce warnings)

Version 2.2.1 W (501KB) (22/09/2004)
-Fixed bug with channels not saving

Version 2.1.1 W (485KB) (21/09/2004)
-Saves programs' sub title

Version 2.1 W (485KB) (21/09/2004)
--Full details grabbing:
--cast list + director
--Episode number/title
--Year of production
--Black and white
-Automatic updates
-Won't crash if a channel is not available on Radio Times

Version 2.0.2 W (477KB) (20/09/2004)
-More bug fixes:
--Fixed bugs with empty channel lists
--Film star ratings were being ignored

Version 2.0.1 W (477KB) (20/09/2004)
-Fixed bug with generating channels disabling channel selection

Version 2.0 W (476KB) (20/09/2004)
-Now uses official Radio Times listings source and is reaaallly fast

Version 1

Please note that versions 1.3.1 and earlier are no longer functional and are present only for anyone who is interested in the source code, please don't use the source code to produce a functional grabber that works using the old method (why would you want to?)

Version 1.3.1 W (487KB) (13/09/2004)
-Fixed: Bug with adding channels showing the wrong name in the user channels box

Version 1.3 W (486KB) (10/09/2004)
-Fixed: Bug with programs with
-in title
-Status bar added
-Various bug fixes
-Better exception catching (mainly fixes program refusing to close)

Version 1.2 W (480KB) (23/08/2004)
-Can now automatically refresh the list of channels to cope with new Radio Times channels

Version 1.1 W (478KB) (15/08/2004)
-Retries are configurable and logged
-Increased read and connection timeouts to 4 seconds
-A few processing speed improvements (though probably not noticeable)
-About box added
-Partial time zone support, BST to GMT changeover probably won't work but I can't fix it until it happens
-Source code added

Old version of HMNXMLTV.exe to correct time zone issue with showshifter and version 1.0 or earlier

Version 1.0 W (383KB) (10/08/2004)
-Time remaining (Approximate)
-Now assumes any program with a star rating is a film (fix for choice films not being recognised as films)
-Better html processing
-Fixed channel reordering (didn't work and caused program to crash)
-Fixed problem with programs with quotes in the title
-Will now retry up to 3 times after a failed connection

Version 0.8e (29/07/2004)
-Fixed bug with cached program details which caused all programs to be identified as films

Version 0.8d (27/07/2004)
-Fixed batch file generation

Version 0.8c (26/07/2004)
-Added missing channels

Version 0.8b (25/07/2004)
-Fixed bug with using a single channel
-Fixed bug related to caching programs with a large number of channels (>~30)

Version 0.7b (16/07/2004)
-Improved error handling
-Retrieves more details
--Films + Premieres
--Film star ratings and age certificates
-New icon (nothing impressive I'm no artist, any replacements are welcome)

Version 0.6b (15/07/2004)
-Loads of new options:
--Option to set where to save listings
--Number of days to grab
--Save logs
--can now cache program details for faster downloads
--caching is also available for programs but this is not recommended as if the listings are changed the changes will not be reflected in the downloaded listings
--automatic cleaning of the cache (deletes unused files)
-Better logging

Version 0.5 (30/06/2004)
-Original version