powered by lua GUI for grabbing XMLTV tv listings. Provides a GUI for configuration and grabbing listings.
Currently has support for:
  • Radio Times (UK)
  • Bleb.org (UK)
  • Digiguide (UK)
  • Schedules Direct (North America)
  • ONTV (Denmark)
  • AZTV (Israel)
  • Lua scripting support for other sources
Radio Times supplies tv listings for over 240 UK tv channels. See here for a program to view your downloaded listings.
An excellent new viewer for Radio Times XMLTV data has been developed. It is much faster than TV Guide (I loaded a full 240 channel 40MB xml file into it and it hardly slowed down), see here for details.
For help and documentation see The XMLTVGUI Wiki page
All Zap2it users should read this documentation
To download digiguide data you must have digiguide installed:
DigiGuide, the best TV guide


XMLTVRT LogoDownload XMLTV GUI 3.14.01 for Windows
Download XMLTV GUI 3.14.01 for Linux


To run under Linux you either need to have Kylix 3 installed or you can download the runtime files from here and put them in the XMLTV directory. As version 3 requires the lua runtimes a special script is required to start the grabber (unless lua is installed), to generate the script open a terminal and cd to the xmltv directory then run "./gen_scripts.sh"

To open .7z files go to: 7-Zip
Linux users should use p7zip from source forge
Linux users may need to change the permissions of the extracted executable file to allow execution

All data downloaded with the Radio Times grabber is copyright of the Radio Times website (http://www.radiotimes.com) and the use of the data is restricted to personal use only. Also be aware that this service may not remain free and in future may become a paid-for service.

If you have any problems with the grabber or find any bugs please post them in the forum or email me

To grab listings automatically run:
"XmltvGUI.exe /Grab" (Windows)
"./XmltvGUI /Grab" (Linux)

To run the console versions no parameters are required:
"XmltvConsole.exe" (Windows)
"./XmltvConsole" (Linux)

To specify a directory to retrieve the configuration from simply add the following to the command line
The directory should be a subdirectory of the main xmltv directory, any configuration files not found in the supplied directory will be taken from the xmltv directory instead. This option is available on both the GUI and console versions and is used in the same way on both.

To specify the priority the grabber should run at simply add the following to the command line
Where x is the priority. 0 is the lowest priority and 5 is the highest. Using a value more than 4 could seriously reduce the performance of your computer

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Version History:

Version 3.14.01 W (941KB) L (1129KB) (09/07/2011)
-Fixed uk_rt crashing if cache is tuned off and a channel is empty
-Limited data to today onwards when max days is specified
-Fixed xml escaping for uk_rt
-Fixed schedules direct not downloading the channel list if a station is in map but not station list

Version 3.14.00 W (945KB) L (1131KB) (15/11/2010)
-Added HD tag parsing to digiguide grabber
-Any failing grabbers will now stop the grab process completely
-Made Radio Times grabber stop grabbing if too few channels download correctly
-Made Radio Times grabber not cache empty files

Version 3.13.01 W (944KB) L (1261KB) (26/08/2010)
-Fixed bug with schedules direct authentication
-Fixed bug in digiguide grabber and added missing library to windows setup

Version 3.13.00 W (943KB) L (1110KB) (08/08/2010)
-Fixed Radio Times episode/subtitle parsing
-Added option to progdets to add a program's subtitle to its description
-Various digiguide fixes
-Fix to bleb

Version 3.12.00 W (956KB) L (1107KB) (09/10/2009)
-New improved bleb grabber with channel list updating
-Disabled caching in schedules direct grabber
-Updated freeview limiter to limit Virgin 1 + 1 not Virgin 1
-Added Dave Ja Vu and Virgin 1 + 1 to +1 generator script

Version 3.11.01 W (940KB) L (1107KB) (08/02/2009)
-Fixed handling of changes to Radio Times data
-Fixed error in BBC World timezone corrector script

Version 3.11.00 W (941KB) L (1107KB) (19/12/2008)
-Fixed bug in time fixer
-Added Virgin 1 to Radio Times freeview limit script
-Made grabber not write xml if no programs have been downloaded
-Added BBC World timezone corrector script
-Fixed handling of digiguide channels with no ids
-Added more details from misc field in digiguide grabber

Version 3.10.02 W (935KB) L (1106KB) (07/06/2008)
-Fixed xml file parsing bug introduced in 3.10.01
-Made digiguide grabber download smaller chunks of data
-Improved program details processors handling of episode numbers

Version 3.10.01 W (937KB) L (1106KB) (05/06/2008)
-Added missing digiguide fields

Version 3.10.00 W (937KB) L (1105KB) (01/06/2008)
-Fixed missing length field in Radio Times data
-Added digiguide grabber (see wiki for instructions)

More version history